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The surprising way you should be trading dividend stocks

Dividend Stock Trading… This Is Crazy

Here we go…

I’m going to spit in the face of convention once again.

So many people these days are trading stocks, it’s crazy. With $100 and a few minutes time, you can open up a trading account. Within a few hours you can be day trading stocks.

I see it all the time.

New investors make one huge mistake.

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When they look at their account, they think “I need more information…” so they flip on CNBC or Bloomberg news, or one of the other financial channels out there.

What they see isn’t the real world.

What they see is a new trading idea being spouted off every 10 minutes by a hedge fund manager.


Because that’s the business of the news network. They have to keep you interested… they have to keep you watching. They need your eyeballs so they can run advertisements.

That’s how they make money, get paid, and put food on their table.

But that’s not how you should invest.

When you watch the news channels and see new ideas every few minutes you start getting an itchy trigger finger. You start wanting to trade.

And that’s a huge mistake.

When you start trading more, you start incurring more fees, you become less focused on your investments, and you’re always looking for the next big thing.

Before long, you’ve traded your way to a new job… and one you’re not very good at.

If this is what you love, then go ahead and do it… trade every day.

But the truth is, if you want to make real money… you need to buy the right dividend paying companies at the right price and sit tight.

Yes sit tight.

So, now I spit in the face of convention….

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If you invest in dividend stocks, you should not trade them. PERIOD!

There is nothing to the statement trading dividend stocks.

There is no such thing as trading dividend stocks.

If you trade rapid fire, you’re a day trader pure and simple. If you INVEST in dividend stocks, you buy the stock and stick it in a drawer and watch it periodically. That’s it.

Let me say that again – you don’t trade dividend stocks. You buy them and hold them.

It’s much less brain damage, it’s a more basic and more successful investing strategy. Want proof… just look at Warren Buffett… he is your classic Buy and Hold guy.

So how do you pick the best dividend stocks to buy?

There are three things you do… You learn the 10 rules of investing, you ask yourself four critical questions about every dividend stock, and you analyze each stock using 4 critical metrics.

Now, I don’t have time to get into each of those items here… but I’ve put together a free guide “The Ultimate Guide To Investing In Dividends”

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Not only will you get rules to dividend investing… I’ll share the questions you need to ask, and the key metrics you need to look at. PLUS, I’ll share thirteen dividend stocks you should consider for your portfolio.

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The Ultimate Guide To Dividend Investing
Get This Critical Dividend Investing Guide Today!