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Every Retiree MUST OWN This Dividend Stock

Retirees Must Own This Dividend Stock

To be honest… I love getting cash deposited into my account… and what’s better than a company that pays dividends MONTHLY!

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This one factor is no doubt a huge attraction to retirees and investors near retirement?


Simple… the regular paycheck is always an awesome thing to have.

What better way to match your income and expenses too.

What do I mean by this? Let’s say you’re in retirement… and you want to make sure you have the money to afford certain things… like your cable bill or electrical bill.

Well, you know that your electric bill is $100 a month… so you scoop up enough of these monthly dividend paying stocks to match up with your expenses.

If the stock pays a $0.10 a month dividend… you need to own 1,000 shares of the monthly paying dividend stock. Those 1,000 shares will throw off $100 a month… and you can use that money to pay your electric bill.

I call it dividend matching.

But wait there’s one more thing…

If you want to retire… you know exactly how much money you need.

Just take the electric bill example to the next level. Let’s say you figure in retirement, it will cost you $1,000 a month for all your expenses… so, that means you need 10,000 shares of these monthly dividend paying stocks.


Of course you want to have a cushion, and watch your investments closely – and for god’s sake, don’t put every penny you have in one stock… spread it around and diversify…

But anyway you slice it… monthly dividend stocks can be the way to go. Here are the 36 monthly dividend stocks I found:

ARR – ARMOUR Residential REIT

BBD – Banco Bradesco S.A

BOXC – Brookfield Canada Office Properties

CLDT – Chatham Lodging Trust

EGAS – Gas Natural

EPR – EPR Properties

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ERF – Enerplus Corporation

FSC – Fifth Street Finance

FULL – Full Circle Capital Corporation

GAIN – Gladstone Investment

GLAD – Gladstone Capital

GOOD – Gladstone Commercial

GORO – Gold Resource Corp

HCAP – Harvest Capital Credit Corp

HGT – Hugoton Royalty Trust

ITUB – Itau Unibanco Banco Holding SA

LAND – Gladstone Land Corporation

LTC – LTC Properties

MAIN – Main Street Capital Corp

NDRO – Enduro Royalty Trust

NYRT – New York REIT

O – Realty Income Corp

OAKS – Five Oaks Investment Corp

ORC – Orchid Island Capital

PBA – Pembina Pipeline Corp

PBT – Permian Basin Royalty Trust

PSEC – Prospect Capital Corporation

SBR – Sabine Royalty Trust

SJR – Shaw Communications

SJT – San Juan Basin Royalty Trust

STAG – STAG Industrial

STB – Student Transportation

SUNS – Solar Senior Capital

VET – Vermillion Energy

WHLR – Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust

WSR – Whitestone REIT

Which one should we pick?

Remember monthly dividends are great – it’s like getting a paycheck, but without the work!

The stock I picked… has increased their dividend 85 different times… and has been paying monthly dividends for years.  How much do I like it… I own it in my own investment portfolio.

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The Ultimate Guide To Dividend Investing