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These Dividend Stocks Make The Perfect Retirement Portfolio

Every Retiree Needs These Dividend Stocks For The Perfect Portfolio…

What we’ve assembled here is nothing short of amazing. A guide to dividend investing with over 75 pages of content!

This guide covers it all.

The Ultimate Guide To Dividend Investing
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It starts with an introduction to investing in dividend stocks. We cover why you want to put your money to work for you… and why dividend stocks are a great way to do it.

Then we expose the 10 rules to trading dividend stocks. These rules give you the tips tricks and techniques to make sure your investments are always working as hard as you do.

At that point we cover 4 important financial metrics.

If you’ve ever researched a dividend stock before, you’ll quickly realize the four metrics we uncover in our report will simplify your research, and make identifying the perfect dividend stock quick and easy.

And of course no discussion is complete without discussing taxes. Uncle Sam wants his fair share, and we discuss simple ways to keep his grubby, spendthrift hands, off our hard earned money.

And that’s just the first chapter.

We then go into detail over 13 more chapters uncovering the best dividend stocks for your portfolio.

In all we’ve researched and studied over 2,332 different dividend stocks to find the 13 best ones for your portfolio.

Chapter 2 – The Only Dividend Stock You’ll Ever Need
Chapter 3 – New Dividend Stocks Investors Can’t Ignore!
Chapter 4 – The Best Dividend Stock You’ll Ever Buy
Chapter 5 – This Is So Much Better Than Regular Dividend Stocks
Chapter 6 – Get More Cash From These Dividend Stocks
Chapter 7 – You Can’t Beat These Dividend Stocks
Chapter 8 – The Number One Rule To Dividend Investing
Chapter 9 – Warren Buffett’s Simple Trick For Finding The Perfect Dividend Stock
Chapter 10 – The Best Dividend Stock For Men Over 55
Chapter 11 – Finding The Most Popular Dividend Stocks
Chapter 12 – Amazing Penny Stocks Pay Dividends!
Chapter 13 – A Bizarre Stock Pick, Is This Dividend Stock Appropriate?
Chapter 14 – Easy Steps to Regular Income With Dividend Stocks

But that’s not the end of it… in Chapter 15 – 5 Dangerous Dividend Stocks You Should Avoid… we expose 5 dividend stocks – some well known names – that are rotten to the core.

We recommend you avoid these stocks at all costs… and if you have them in your portfolio… you sell them immediately.

It’s a complete guide to investing in dividend stocks and includes 13 dividend stocks for your portfolio today!

We worked hard on this book, and hope you enjoy it.

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The Ultimate Guide To Dividend Investing