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The Best Dividend Stock For Men Over 55

Do You Own The Best Dividend Stock For Men Over 55

Right now, we’re looking for the best dividend stock for men over 55… we’re looking for a stock you can put away for retirement… a Classic Dividend stock.

In the past, I’ve discussed buying dividend stocks that were growing.  Not just growing Revenue and EPS, but also growing the Dividend… and had a fair value based on PEG ratios.

The stock we picked was tiny (by US stock market standards) with a market cap just over $1.1 billion.

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If you’re looking for a classic pick (for guys over 55), you want something a little more substantial.  A bigger company… but it still needs a nice growth rate…

Today for the classic pick, we’re going to look at some bigger companies!

Here are the five we’re going to dig into:

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM)
Discover Financial Services (DFS)
Franklin Resources, Inc. (BEN)
Molson Coors Brewing Company (TAP)
Weyerhaeuser Co. (WY)

Now, all five of these companies has a market cap OVER $20 billion. Big enough to be a big company, but not so big, continued growth is impossible.

All of these companies also have great businesses.

ADM – Archer-Daniels-Midland Company procures, transports, stores, processes, and merchandises agricultural commodities and products.

DFS – Discover Financial Services operates as a direct banking and payment services company

BEN – Franklin Resources, Inc. is a publicly owned asset management holding company.

TAP – Molson Coors Brewing Company manufactures and sells beer and other beverage products.

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WY – Weyerhaeuser Company, one of the world’s largest private owners of timberlands, and is also one of the largest manufacturers of wood and cellulose fibers products.

Which of these stocks would you add to your portfolio?

Right off the bat, we can eliminate two stocks.

Molson Coors Brewing Company (TAP), despite paying a solid $1.64 in Dividends they have a P/E ratio of 44x and a payout ratio of 70%. Both too high for my taste.

Weyerhaeuser Co. (WY) just closed a major acquisition… and the business is changing. The $1.24 dividend is nice, but a P/E of 35 and a payout ratio of 134% are aggressive.

That leaves us three stocks to pick from.  If you’re over 55, which one are you adding to the portfolio?

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