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10 Ground Rules You Better Know Before Investing In Dividend Stocks

You Better Know These 10 Rules

I can’t believe how many investors start out by just throwing their hard earned cash into any old investment.

It’s like walking onto a used car lot and purchasing the first car you see… without a test drive, inspection, or so much as starting the engine!

When people buy a new (or used) car they will spend hours scouring the internet for information. They’ll order old copies of consumer reports and different car magazines to read reviews. They’ll test drive, then shop dealers and test drive again.

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I know one car buyer who went as far as asking his repairman about different cars he was considering.

Days were spent on research for an item that most consumers replace within a few years.

Yet, when this same person looks for an investment in their retirement account… they pick the default placement (normally bonds)… or ask a co-worker what they picked and do the same thing.

The thought process that goes into picking the best car, gets thrown out the door when investors look to buy a retirement investment or dividend stock!

And that’s too bad.

Many investors lose money…

Want proof…

Here’s a quote from the Wall Street Journal talking about individual investors and mutual funds:

“In hot markets, money flows in, says Ilia Dichev, an accounting professor at Emory University. In down markets, people get scared and leave. As a result, stock investors lagged behind the stock market itself by 1.3 percentage points annually between 1926 and 2002!”

Yep, trading in and out of the market cost investors 1.3% every year… And over the lifetime of an investor, that’s real money! Tens of thousands of dollars!

That’s why I like the idea of buy and hold investing… especially investments like stocks that pay DIVIDENDS!

But before you just start throwing your money at any investment that comes around, you’ve got to learn the rules to investing.

YES – Just like baseball has rules, so does investing.

And I’ve put together 10 simple rules everyone should understand, read, study, and follow.

It will mean the difference between a relaxed retirement filled with travel, good food and friends… and sitting alone in a apartment, praying that social security will cover your food costs.

Without further delay, here’s the 10 rules of dividend investing:

  1. Get a dividend investing plan and stick to it.
  2. Start NOW – Don’t drag your feet.
  3. Keep your investing plan simple.
  4. Investing CONSISTENTLY is more important than investing BIG!
  5. Always invest for the long term.
  6. Understand what dividend stocks you’re buying.
  7. Be a business owner, not a stock trader.
  8. Stock up when your dividend stocks are on sale!
  9. Don’t avoid “Pass Through Entities” as investments.
  10. Finally, with dividend investing, boring is good.

Once you’ve got these rules committed to memory, then and only then should you start looking for Dividend stocks to buy.

This is important, these 10 rules are only the tip of the iceberg.

If you want more…

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The Ultimate Guide To Dividend Investing
Get This Critical Dividend Investing Guide Today!